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Turquoise Wealth Management
Turquoise Wealth Management

Realize Your True Wealth


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Turquoise Wealth Management | Lafayette, IN
Turquoise is a symbol of wealth, wisdom and nobility. It stands for strong positive traits such as immortality and purity. It is associated with happiness, serenity, wholeness, balance and Good Luck! Finally, it brings to mind the traits I deliver to clients; tranquility, patience, intuition and loyalty.

Anyone can own Turquoise, just like realizing your true wealth; not everyone does. I know with the right guidance, advice and support, you can realize your true wealth. True wealth means; from beginning to end, living purposefully, planning and arranging your life around your deep values, maximizing your resources to impart your best on those you care about, and leaving a legacy of more than money.


Working With You

I want to hear your story, and what your money means to you or your entity.
What are you passionate about? What do you value? What do you want to accomplish?


Turquoise Wealth Management
300 Main St. Suite 401
Lafayette, IN 47901
Phone: 765-637-7920

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