Founders Story

Founder's Story


Founder's Story

I founded this firm in the fall of 2018 after deciding a cultural shift needed to be made to the industry of wealth management. Prior to founding Turquoise, I spent over a decade in wealth management with a large publicly traded [Wall Street] firm. I passed up management roles to stay focused on my clients; working diligently to build close relationships and execute in-depth financial plans for them. However, when a new corporate policy went into effect nationwide, I found myself forced to suddenly inform valued clients that the company no longer would work with them and that they must move their assets elsewhere. As a passionate and loyal advocate for my clientele, I was trapped between my responsibility to my clients and to my employer. Rather than abandon my clients, I pursued other options; determined to protect my clients from a situation like this in the future. I evaluated over 30 firms, but in the end realized I needed to build a unique firm that applied both my expertise and strong personal values, and Turquoise Wealth Management was born: where people come first, and culture truly counts.

Today, we strive to continuously create a better culture for both our clients and our employees. Turquoise Wealth Management was founded to be more responsive to the needs of clients, to create a company culture that reflects my strong Midwestern values, to have the ability to exercise our duties as fiduciaries without restriction by corporate policies, and to have control and knowledge over the business decisions that affect our clients.

We educate and support our clients, welcoming them into our family, and treating them as such. We believe that clients are in better hands when their advisors are supported and valued by the company, and therefore strive to create a collaborative and caring community. Our values are reflected in our symbol, the turquoise stone, which represents wealth, wisdom, and happiness. It is our goal to educate and inspire our clients so that they feel sound in their financial decisions, and the stone represents the traits that we deliver to clients throughout that process, such as tranquility, patience, loyalty, and intuition.

Welcome to the family,

Jessica E. Rebmann, CFP®


Turquoise Wealth Management
300 Main St. Suite 401
Lafayette, IN 47901
Phone: 765-637-7920

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